Due to circumstances beyond our control, all phone lines and internet at the restaurant are down temporarily. Unfortunately, this includes any messages left after 5am this morning, as well as debit and credit card machines. We apologize for the inconvenience, please forward complaints to Chef Dan chef@twistedlemon.ca and he would be glad to pass them along to the phone and cable company with a tidy little bow. Thanks for your understanding.

It's that time of year again folks, The Hamilton Spectator 2014 Reader's Choice Awards!

Please nominate ALL your favourites at  www.readerschoice.thespec.com

Click on the TWISTED LEMON button to add your nomination in this year's Hamilton Spectator Reader's Choice Awards 2014 nominations are taking place until August 11.

Local Chef

Best Overall Customer Service
Catering Company

Best Overall Restaurant
Business Lunch
Casual Fine Dining 
Restaurant Atmosphere
Restaurant Service
Seafood Cuisine

Thank you to All of our Fellow Flavour Junkies!
Chef Dan & Laurie

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Twisted Lemon is proud to partner with Harvests of Haldimand!

Twisted Lemon's episode of "The Opener" was a great success! We hope you all watched it! If by chance you didn't you can click here to watch the episode on The Food Network's website, you can also blog about the episode.

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