Catering & Special Events


Long before Twisted Lemon was an actual restaurant, we offered catering and cooking classes. We are thrilled to say over twenty years later, catering and cooking classes are still the backbone of the business and extremely popular all year round.

We offer full-service catering and event planning from start to finish. Whether you are looking for an intimate dinner party in your home (where you can simply sit down and enjoy your guests and your dinner!) or a multi-course wedding for 200, we can accommodate.

Laurie and Chef Dan thrive on providing a fully customized, detail-oriented experience for you and your guests. We’ve done “Date Night” tasting menu style weddings for 100 (in case you’re not familiar with our Wednesday Date Night tasting menus at Twisted Lemon – the kitchen surprises you with each course. Not even the bride & groom knew exactly what to expect!)

We can also host your wedding or special occasion at Twisted Lemon. The possibilities are endless.

To help us get an idea of what you have in mind, please take a few minutes to send us an email with the following information: 1. the specific date of your event and 2. either your budget based on how much you would like to spend OR what you would like for your event based on things like food choices, style of service (buffet? plated sit-down? roast beef?) and 3. guest count. We will check dates and details and then be back in touch. Please realize if you do not give us these basics as a starting point we won’t be able to respond appropriately to your email.

Please email us at chef (at) twistedlemon (dot) ca. That’s basically another way of saying email chef at the website address.

As each of our events are 100% customized to your experience, we do not have “packages” to send you. Therefore, the MORE information you can send us about your budget, desired style of food & service, confirmed dates and locations etc. the better. This way we can assess what you are looking for and how we can best move forward for you and your special event.

If you do not include either a general idea of budget, OR a style of service/food wishes and an approximate guest count, we will not be able to respond to your inquiry. If it’s easier to talk to us in person, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone! 905-772-6636.

Thank you!